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Established to make a difference.


Perhaps the single most important question facing the security and defence sector today is what is the most effective way to adapt to change? This is because the pace and scale of change is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and the table stakes much higher. 


In this volatile environment, even the most established organisations can quickly become vulnerable as disruptive technologies can appear at such short notice and pose previously unforeseen threats of a critical nature.

Darksky is focused on addressing three main areas we see as driving the need for digital transformation in the security and defence industry:


  • Digital disruption:  Nearly 80% of defence agencies are concerned with emerging threats due to the onset of digital technology.


  • Data explosion: Due to the sheer amount of data available to organisations,  unless they are able to present  relevant information at the right time to their operations team, they are unlikely to make the optimal decisions.


  • User experience: Many organisations are struggling to provide their teams both on the ground and at a command and control level with tools that are easy, simple to use and provide them with actionable insight when critical events happen.


Organisations that can address these challenges will be better placed to deal with the increased  level of critical events we are experiencing in today's world. 


Darksky has the experience and capability to design, deploy and support solutions that provide actionable intelligence to teams when they need it most.


Our broad security and defence industry knowledge and experience allows us to help organisations harness the best security technologies needed to safeguard your people and assets and bring unparalleled levels of efficiency and productivity to your operations.


Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and understand further how we can support your digital transformation journey and empower your people to mitigate risk across the organisation.

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