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Intelligent Operations:

Connecting People & Data


Traditional methods of managing the mobile workforce are leaving organisations vulnerable to operational inefficiencies and increases the potential risk and severity of incidents.  


Organisations who operate through largely manual processes are not able to realise the benefit of emerging technologies such as AI, machine-learning, IoT and the use of wearables to empower mobile workers.


Our workforce management solutions address key challenges many organisations are facing when it comes to modernising their field operations. We take a consultative approach that focuses on process automation and workforce optimisation in order to increase productivity and revenue.


Our systems, built on machine learning, process automation and workforce optimisation technology, are designed to elevate the typical workday for the thousands of employees engaging with us.


Designed to improve efficiencies across companies’ processes, assets and human capital, our machine-assisted framework of tools can be accessed via mobile, web and wearables, thus allowing your employees to create and get updates on crucial work-related matters on a daily, real-time basis.

Platform Benefits



Adapting to the needs of your business.


With a modular approach, choose as few or as many modules as needed, and seamlessly adapt your module arsenal to the needs of your business.


Smart Watch

For the workforce of tomorrow

The Smart Watch is a state-of-the-art, hands-free alternative to the smartphone, designed for managers to stay connected to their teams while both parties are on the move. It allows field teams to work efficiently and effectively with full use of their hands, while having full access to communication, location and task details.


The Smart Watch seamlessly connects to the Cloud over GSM/3G/4G network enabling instant distribution of information between employees and management, as well as providing real-time data for operational analysis.

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Reporting incidents in real-time with media and location information, completing data collection-related tasks, as well as communicating with colleagues and management over asynchronous voice messages are simply just a few capabilities the Smart Watch can extend to its wearers.

IoT Devices

Pick and choose from a wide selection of data-generating devices that integrate with the Platform right off-the-shelf. With pressing a button or setting a threshold, the devices can trigger an incident or task to a remote user for further action.


From simple buttons communicating over Wi-Fi to GPS trackers that monitor speed and temperature wirelessly, benefit from meaningful data and insight for a better understanding of the asset it is attached to. The platform has the ability to integrate with a large number of IoT sensors and devices with just one click.

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Integration into a single platform

Bring your resources, modules, smart watch and IoT devices into a single cloud managed platform that allows you to easily monitor, delegate and report.

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