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We are all about strategic partnerships.


If you have a solution that is designed around the security and defence industry and are looking for a partner in Indonesia, let's setup a call and see how we can work together.


Indonesia has a reputation for being a tough market to enter. There are so many twists and turns, who can you trust to really represent your brand in-country? With an average sales cycle of between 9-12 months per project, choosing the wrong partner to work with can be costly.


A lot of partners/manufacturers we speak to have had some experience with the market, generally dealing with a reseller that is discussing a specific project tender that they wish to enter using your solution. Effort is poured into the support of this lead and it ends up going nowhere. This is a forever occurring story and the reseller is so customer driven, that they can change solution providers in the blink of the eye.

At Darksky, our team has over 10 years experience in representing partners. It takes a lot of effort, resources and patience to position a solution and we have a long term outlook to how we work with our partners.

Our Services:

  • Brand Registration and local trademark registration

  • Shipping & Handling including customs clearance and POSTEL registration

  • Recruitment of local specialist staff such as pre-sales, engineers etc.

  • Setup and management of demo rooms / experience centres

  • GTM Strategies

  • Localised Price Lists

  • Localised slide decks, presentation materials.

  • Regular meetups, demo days, solution days with dealers/resellers and end users.

  • Tender Preparation & Admin Support 

  • Local installation, testing & commissioning services

  • Tier 1 After sales support

It is due to the above experience and quality of solutions we carry, that we have built a solid network of dealers/resellers that have a proven track record of providing solutions for the defence sector.


Our Focus

  • Indonesia National Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy)

  • Special Forces (Koopsus, Kopassus, Kopaska, Denjaka, Kesatuan Gurita, Paskhas, Bravo Detachment, Brimob, Densus 88)

  • National Police Force

  • Presidential Security Force (Paspampres)

  • Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla)

  • Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB)

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