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Battlefield Support: 

Exchanging information


Success of any air, naval, and military operation depends upon the accuracy of situational awareness intelligence.


Situational awareness provides the capability to identify, process, and analyse critical information from various sources to the decision-makers during combat.


Advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technologies integrated with command and control capabilities provide air, ground, and maritime solutions with real-time situational awareness information for strategic decision making.


High-bandwidth sensor processing, video management systems, secure network routers, and switches play a crucial role in effective decision-making for today’s military operations.

Whether it be at Command/HQ, Combat vehicle or soldier level, we provide secure, interoperable communication and information exchange between stakeholders either within a single operational unit or across a joint task force comprised of a number of cooperating military units:


Provide military commanders with efficient decision support during mission preparation, training and execution.


Collect and share information from onboard sensor and weapon systems and support collaboration between fixed locations and inside vehicles.

Dismounted Soldier

Enable troops on the ground to share critical tactical information facilitating fast and efficient action and keeping foot soldiers informed.

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